Katya S.

Business Owner
& Educator

I worked with Melanie to improve my accent. It wasn't your average English language program. Melanie took the time to analyze MY slips of the accent which minimized the time for improvement. 

Melanie took into consideration my language background and the sounds I am used to hearing and making. She was able to be technical with me when we needed to get technical, and she was focusing on results as opposed to the classification of sounds and short and long vowels. 

As for results, I am noticing a significant positive change in my oral communication skills. I am now able to pick up the subtle changes in vowels and consonants. 

Perhaps, this is very personal, but it meant a lot to me. I always had a hard time in clubs and bars where people would ask me about my accent right away. As soon as I said a few words. I felt that people were immediately making assumptions about me being foreign or unsophisticated. After working with Melanie, a miracle happened. 
Nobody asked me about where I was from, at all!!! Two guys even thought I grew up in Pennsylvania. It was the biggest compliment for me and Melanie. 

Again, if you are doing business in New York or somewhere in the states and have a hard time with your business communication, I highly recommend that you work with Mel.  

It's an investment and not an expense.

Tansy Z.


Working with Melanie is the best choice I've ever made. Melanie is a phenomenal speech coach and I reached out to her in hopes of fixing my accent. Out of all of my past speech coaches, her method is the most effective for me. She knows exactly what to fix and exactly how to fix it. By targeting and distinguishing my exact needs and struggles, we were able to immediately make noticeable progress. The sessions were customized to my specific needs and Melanie did a detailed assessment of my speech as the first step. I've never had a session with any other speech coaches as customized, personal, and effective as Melanie's. 

In addition, she's extremely friendly and open. She listens to my concerns about my speech and is very flexible and patient with me. She's very organized and she makes sure I understand the concept by using pictures and charts. Melanie's expansive experiences and knowledge in the linguistic field are apparent after just talking with her once through the phone for the first time. She was also able to immediately distinguish a certain sound that I know for sure I was struggling with for a long time while my prior speech coaches failed to catch it and claimed I sound fine. This is when I knew she is the right coach for me. By fixing my speech, I've felt more confident and I became more vocal. It was an amazing experience!

Kyle H.

Business Development Professional

Have you seen that guy, who holds a sign at a rally saying "Not usually a sign guy but..."? Well, that's me when it comes to writing Yelp reviews of any kind. But I had to take the time to write about my experience working with Melanie. If you are looking for a highly-tailored scientific approach to your accent reduction needs, Melanie is your coach. She puts in the time and effort to identify the specific areas of your speech that you need to work on and designs a customized plan to address those areas. Melanie is punctual and willing to work at your pace. However, despite her many admirable qualities, she doesn't have a magic wand (to my best knowledge), so you need to be willing to put in the time and effort if you want to see results. But she will definitely guide you and put you on the right path.

Neurelis R.

Healthcare Professional

I am a Cuban-born professional who immigrated to the USA as an adult and had a need to minimize my accent as well as refine my English pronunciation.  This was a critical initiative for me to take in order to establish myself in the healthcare profession here in the Greater New York area.

Having Melanie as an English pronunciation coach has been a blessing.  She was able to quickly analyze my pronunciation needs and customize a program just for me.  Melanie also has a great teachable way about her and is incredibly patient.  After only 10 lessons, my everyday conversations with American-born colleagues as well as communications with patients has drastically improved and I feel so much more confident when speaking in public.

I highly recommend Melanie based on her expertise and professionalism

Katarzyna W.


Working with Ms. Melanie is a joy. She has a big knowledge and lessons with her are worth every dime. She is the best choice and I see the results and she is improving my English like no one before (and I had many dialect/accent coaches).  I fully recommend Melanie in every aspect. Enjoy!

Zachary D.

Financial Advisor

Melanie has been my savior. I am a financial advisor and sit down with folks coming from high net worth families and ivy league educations. Growing up in Brooklyn, I speak what you would call "Brooklynese". In order for me to build a strong practice in my field, I needed help with reducing my accent. I also wanted to perfect some business communication skills, such as outbound sales calls (cold calls), sharpening my elevator pitch, in-person presentations, dealing with sensitive clients and topics, and even re-recording my voicemail.

When I reached out to her assistance, immediately I knew she would be my coach. She had me come in for an assessment, and this enabled her to create a customized program for me. From there, step by step, I began to see major improvements. Her help has been invaluable to me and my business. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for accent reduction  Melanie's process is proven!!!

Kristin K.

Attorney & Entrepreneur

I had an important presentation to prepare for, and I sought the advice of a coach so that I could enhance it and make it more effective. After one session with Melanie of Speech Fox, I am much more confident and have made several modifications to make my pitch more impactful. Melanie gave me tips for organizing my content, maximizing engagement, and increasing the buy-in from potential clients. We worked on word choice and developing shared knowledge so I connect with my audience in a more meaningful way. We had the session virtually via Zoom video webconference, so I was in the comfort of my home -- plus it was a perfect fit, since I will be doing the presentation as a webinar much of the time. Thanks, Melanie -- my presentation is now stellar! (And my clients would agree.)

Anthony W.

Business Owner

Melanie Fox saves the day... 

I  (native English speaker) have had the pleasure of working with Melanie multiple times.  In our most recent session, Melanie helped me perfect a sales presentation for a very big client. While grammar and spelling perfection are among her skills, she was more helpful in making sure the presentation flowed smoothly. Pronunciation, tone, and pitch were all improved making my presentation informative and welcoming. If public speaking were basketball, she'd be your Michael Jordan. Thank you for helping perfect my presentation Melanie. Looking forward to bringing you in on another project!

Homitch G.

Business Owner

I know Melanie for 2 years now, in simple words ...she is great!
Extremely professional and most important extremely FUNNY!
I took few classes which were very helpful, Speech Fox teach you what you need to know, the way that you will remember.

I recommend Melanie and Speech Fox to all who would like to improve their English and loose their foreign accents-regardless where they are from.

Speech Fox is everything but boring.

Joshua S.


Melanie is not just a accent reduction coach for English -- she also works with monolingual English-speakers like me to learn to pronounce Spanish for specific purposes. I am about to attend a wedding based in Colombia, and I had a unique, time-sensitive request -- I needed to learn my best man speech -- in Spanish! Within 24-hours, Melanie translated my speech into Spanish (not just literally, but rewording it to sound natural/appropriate), did a "transliteration" or a transcription I could use like a pronunciation cheat-sheet, and even put together an audio recording file so I could listen and practice on my flight over. Melanie was extremely responsive, thorough, and flexible. She did an excellent job, and I would 100% hire her again for future language or presentation projects.