Melanie Fox perfected her accent reduction
and language tutoring techniques through years
of experience teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) including public school (adult education),
university, and private tutoring sessions
in the US and abroad.

Having a dual-career, she also brings 15+ years of experience in corporate management roles running sales, marketing, client services, customer service/technical support, training, language instruction, and recruiting departments.


Through her brand, Speech Fox LLC, Melanie offers custom-tailored language lessons for English language learning. She customizes her classes to fit the unique needs of each client, based on his/her native language, English proficiency, and personal and/or business goals. She designs her classes based on applications of principles in phonetics and phonology in a way that is accessible, practical, and enjoyable for clients. Melanie's expertise includes media, business presentation skills, public speaking, and white-glove customer service for elite clientele. She focuses on pronunciation, but can also incorporate: grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, TOEIC/TOEFL preparation, business writing, speech writing, sales pitches, customer service scripts, and other presentation skills upon request. She also coaches Spanish pronunciation for non-native speakers.

Speech Fox lessons are available face-to-face in her Midtown Manhattan office or via live, recordable video web conference.

With a vast native-speaking consultant team, Speech Fox also offers bespoke language lessons world languages—conveniently at your office, virtually, or at Speech Fox’s office in midtown Manhattan.

Speech Fox services include:


Speech Fox seeks to provide customized, scientific, and, most importantly, enjoyable methods that enable individuals to learn language for any professional or personal purpose.

Melanie founded Speech Fox in 2002 to respond to the need of the linguistically diverse population with custom-configured language lessons to specifically target speech for business and other practical applications. These personalized lessons target accent, dialect and/or localized language for any specialized purpose.

Accent elimination for non-native or "non-standard" native speakers, dialect acquisition for actors, learning English or Spanish as a second language, and executive speech coaching for business professionals are all examples of language learning as a means to develop professionally.


Speech Fox views the act of developing of an alternative way to speak as the addition of a speech choice and not as an attempt to dilute one's culture, heritage, or local flavor. (For example, a speaker of Mexican-accented English, Brooklynese, or African American Vernacular English (AAVE) may choose to speak his/her newly acquired "Standard American English" at work, yet speak in their native dialect among family and friends, or during social occasions.

The underpinnings of the Speech Fox method closely intertwine principals of phonetics, phonology, and applied linguistics. The strategy is to analyze a speaker's utterances, dissect speech patterns, and create custom-tailored strategies for a client to learn the desired accent or dialect. Melanie creates specialized speech lessons and exercises to help clients attain their goals. Melanie relies on the science of language, including the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), to analyze a speaker's phonology and teach them to modify it in order to adapt a new sound system.


Melanie is a native New Yorker and prides herself on an unparalleled ability to identify true New York accents as opposed to inauthentic ones.

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Melanie Fox is an acclaimed dialect coach and accent reduction specialist who helps non-native English speakers articulate clear business English. Melanie works with executives, staff, and rising stars in entertainment/sports to overcome their difficulties and fears, as they interact, interview, network, or deliver presentations in English. She can coach clients from any world language, but has particular experience coaching speakers of Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese as well as accented English (regional variations of American or British English).

Melanie also designs and implements training for corporations, colleges, and adult schools – using customized online, blended model training formats. Melanie is knowledgeable in the area of computer assisted language learning and can recommend supplemental software to complement the live classes as needed.

Melanie Fox holds a Master's of Linguistics from Georgetown University and has 15+ years of experience in the language education and professional development industries. She offers private and semi-private dialect coaching (including accent reduction) for executives, performers, and other professionals.

She is a native speaker of American English, fluent in Spanish, proficient in Italian, and dabbles in Cantonese, Brazilian Portuguese, and a number of other languages.              .